Timezone Gold Coast, pride themselves on offering facilities and experiences that are accessible and inclusive for people of all abilities. We aim to ensure everyone's experience is as enjoyable as possible. We are committed to providing suitable access for all our guests, whatever their individual needs. In this statement, we aim to accurately describe our facilities and services to give you the confidence when you visit us that we provide the best environment to suit your specific requirements.

We provide experiences with people in wheelchairs, those with hearing and/or visual impairments, people with physical limitations such as amputees, as well as people with autism, cerebral palsy and more.

Each one of our facilities on the Gold Coast, cater to the following , however it is advisable to check prior to your visit :

Both Timezone Gold Coast locations feature undercover parking with numerous accessible parking spaces. Both car parks provide access to the Timezone locations , via escalators and lift access. A drop off point is available at both locations in the car park adjacent to the shopping centre entrances.

Wheelchair Users
All locations have lift access for people with mobility needs, as well as restrooms and entrances that are designed to be wheelchair and pram accessible.

All our entrances are wide and open with no sliding doors or restrictions. The space between attractions is wide enough to allow easy movement around the facility.

There is clearly defined signage that provides instant directions to the various facilities and access points throughout the facility. The floor is solid with minimal depressions which allows wheelchairs to safely transverse throughout the entertainment centre.

We provide large bathrooms at both locations which are easily accessible on the same level of the facility.

Service Animals
Service animals are also welcome at all of our locations in the spirit of inclusiveness. Unfortunately, they aren't permitted to be on any rides or attractions , but they are more than welcome to watch the entire experience.
“Children and adults with special needs are not weird or odd.
They only want what everyone else's wants… be accepted !”

Timezone Gold Coast as an entertainment provider and as an employer, is committed to improving the inclusion, accessibility and awareness of disability in all areas.

Our policy provides an operational framework that seeks to address and remove potential barriers that may be present in Timezone Gold Coast physical and digital infrastructure, employment and education design and practice so that all members of our community are able to participate in, and have access to, all that Timezone Gold Coast has to offer its customers.

Timezone Gold Coast will undertake the following ;
  • Educate staff to develop informed views, behaviour and attitudes about accessability issues.
  • Ensure that all games, rides, amusements and attractions, where possible will have reasonable access to ensure that people with a need have access to and be able to participate.
  • Promote access to employment and education for persons with a disability.
  • Ensure that people with an accessible need are provided with the opportunity for consultation and participation.
  • Provide a point of contact for customers with an accessible need.
Timezone Gold Coast will provide training programs, where required, which are designed to increase knowledge and awareness of disabilities.
This training will be based on the following ;
  • Workplace diversity and inclusion
  • Disability awareness
  • Disability confidence