Frequently Asked Questions

Is there any entry fee?

There is no entry fee into Timezone Coolangatta.

What are your opening hours?

We are open 7 Days from 9am until late, including public holiday.

Are you open on Christmas Day, Boxing Day, Easter, NYE, and Anzac?

Yes we are open as usual for trade from 9am to Late, except Anzac Day which we open at Midday.

How does it all work?

All the games and attractions in our centre run on a Powercard system. To play these games and attractions you will need to purchase a Powercard. There are 2 options; you can either add any amount $ you want to a Powercard and pay by the game you play or we have timed based packages available that you pay by the time which also include attractions (for more information on our packages please contact us at 07 5599 1288).

What are ticket games?

Ticket games are the red colour swipers we have in the centre. They include the basketball games, whacking games, bowling games, Deal or No Deal, King of Hammer, and lots more. Tickets are automatically loaded onto your card when you have finished playing the game.

What are bonus dollars?

Bonus dollars are an additional balance added to your card when you load up in store. This is additional credit awarded to you that can be used to play games in store.

How do I receive my tickets?

All tickets or Powertickets as we refer to them are electronically transferred onto your Powercard when you finish playing a game.

Now we can transfer your card balance between the Surfers Paradise and Coolangatta stores?

From July 1st 2016 we can transfer your card balance between the Surfers Paradise and Coolangatta stores.

Can I transfer my balance from one card to another?

Unfortunately the balance on your card (money and tickets) cannot be transferred to another card and vise versa, however, you can combined your tickets to choose larger items if you wish.

How long does the money and tickets last on my card?

The balance on your card will last for 12 months, however, if you use your card within that 12 months they will last another 12 months from the last date of use.

How do I redeem my Powertickets for a prize?

Simply take your Powercard to the front counter and the customer service assistant will advise you of the amount of tickets you have available. You can then choose prizes from the redemption counter up to the value of the tickets you have available. If you do not wish to spend your Powertickets at that time they will remain on the card and any more power tickets won will accumulate. Powertickets have a 12 month expiry.

Can I purchase a prize using cash from the redemption counter?

Prizes from the redemption counter cannot be purchased for cash. They are only redeemable for Powertickets.

How can I check my Powercard balance online?

Powercard balances cannot be checked online. Please come to your nearest Timezone store in the Gold Coast.

How do I get VIP pricing?

To obtain a VIP card you simply have to load or accumulate $50 on your Powercard. Once that has occurred, you can register your details and upgrade to a VIP card.

What do I do if I've lost my Powercard?

If you have lost your Powercard and it is registered then you just need to come into the store with a form of identification. The staff member can look up your details on the system and re-issue your card.

Are there any height restrictions for the attractions?

There are some height restrictions for the attractions. Please refer to the attractions page for details.

Do I need to use shoes for Laser and dodgems?

Shoes are not required for Laser Skirmish or Dodgem Cars but some type of footwear is required e.g. thongs or flip flops are ok (no bare feet). Also, a minimum of a singlet is required to play these 2 attractions as well (no bare top).

Can I have a Birthday party at Timezone?

Timezone offers a 2.5 hour 'Games & Attractions' Party Pack at the price of $35 per person (minimum of 6 children) and a 2 hour 'Bowling Plus' Party Pack for $30 per person (minimum of 6 children). You can also 'Host Your Own Party' with our combos.
Please refer to the Birthday Party page.

Is there much for my little kids (toddlers) to do there?

There are many games available for children under 130cm.

How can I buy a Gift Card?

Gift Cards can be purchased online through the Gift Cards tab on the home page, or in store through our customer service attendant.

Where is the closest parking?

The closest parking to Timezone Coolangatta is underneath the The Strand called Secure Parking. (Please see the Location and Opening hours for more information).

Where is the cheapest parking?

The Strand provide the first 3 Hours Free Parking.

How do I apply for a job at Timezone?

Please visit the 'Careers' tab on our website and follow the prompts to apply for a job at Timezone Coolangatta. Or you can apply directly in-store.

Why are some promotions only available at certain Timezone locations?

Due to different offerings available at certain locations, not all promotions can be run at all Timezone locations.